Water tax will control cholera – CS Rotich

If drinking water is your means of escape from thirst and sweltering heat in life, brace yourself because you’re about to start paying more for this guilty pleasure.


I’d like to talk about Linda.

This one is very personal to me. So if trigger warnings are things that you like to get beforehand, count this as such. Oftentimes, I express myself best in writing. Writing allows me to process my thoughts properly, because that way, I have to pause and give thought to the next thing, to next thought, …

Quick take: 5 theories on why Uhuru Kenyatta rejected the Finance Bill 2018

A lot changes in 63 minutes. I started writing this last post at 9.00pm. I was finished with it at 10.03pm. Within that period of time, our President expressed, ahem, reservations about the finance bill, basically keeping the price of fuel higher than the price of soda. Strap in folks, times are about to get …